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Welcome to NDI's Web Site!

This site offers general information concerning the nature of the professional engineering and technical services we offer clients who desire to outsource all or part of their projects.

Before you get started, you should know that:

·        We offer naval/marine, civil, and municipal engineering services.  ·      Our corporate heritage goes back to a founding in 1966.
We are family owned and operated.
We have offices in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
We currently employ 200 professional and technical personnel.
·      We employ approximately 60 graduate engineers.
·      Our management team has been together for over twenty years.We have an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System
·      We are a Small Business Enterprise IAW NAICS Code 514330.

Most importantly you should know that we have an over fifty year record of providing quality and responsive services. We focus our efforts on what we know best. We desire engagements where we have related prior project experience. Our management approach mitigates risk to the highest degree possible while delivering value-added services that achieve customer objectives.

We respectfully request the opportunity to quote on your requirements. Please contact me personally if you have a project you want to discuss or desire more information about NDI.